Cavusin Village Cappadocia
Çavuşin50502 Çavuşin/Avanos/Nevşehir, Turkey

The quiet Cappadocian village of Çavuşin is famous for three things: beautiful churches, abandoned rock houses, and great hiking opportunities. The village is dominated by its cliff from which a clutter of empty cave houses spills down precariously, making for a fun place to explore. The area of the village where people live today is nice and quiet — most people work in agriculture and you’ll see that the little cafe by the mosque is the local hotspot. At the top of the cliff which looms above the village, look out for the famous Basilica of St John the Baptist. It dates back to the 5th century AD, making it one of the region’s oldest cave churches. It’s also one of the biggest cave churches in Cappadocia. You’ll enter the 1,500-year-old chapel via a footbridge. Once inside, notice the chapel’s grand arches and images of crosses and stars. In the village, there's also the lower church to check out. Dedicated to the famous Cappadocian general Nicephorus Phocas, who was victorious in the Byzantine era, this church dates back to 960 AD. The village of Çavuşin is also the starting point for hikes into Rose Valley, Red Valley, and Meskendir Valley.

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